DIY Homesick Jar


It’s that time of year when my heart is hurting just a bit. My oldest just left for college, his sophomore year at Saint Louis University. Last year at this time of year I was a complete mess. This year I was actually ready for him to head back. He missed his new life at school. However, last night when I was getting plates out for dinner, I only got 4 instead of 5. That small reminder brought it all back. I miss him, but I know it will get easier, AND I will see him in 2 weeks when I help him move into his on-campus apartment :).

I made this DIY Homesick Jar for my nephew, Zack, who just graduated from college and moved to NYC for his first big-time job. I wanted him to have a piece of Kansas City where he grew up and most of his family lives. He is doing awesome in the Big Apple and we are so proud of him.

This DIY Homesick Jar is perfect to send to your college student, you loved-one who just moved away, someone in the armed services, on a mission trip or at camp–anyone that may need a piece of home.


What you will need:

  • Glass jar with chalkboard label
  • Chalk
  • Local items that your loved would be happy to get (candy, gift cards, small local food/beverage products, drink cozy, magnets, toys, cash, a special note, etc.)


1. Make sure all your items are small enough to fit into your jar.

2. Place items into your jar.

3. Write a sweet note on the chalkboard label.

4. Deliver or mail your homesick jar with a happy heart and a hug.