Cut The Cord. So-long Cable!!

Cut The Cord. So-long Cable!!

Like any other normal family, we paid a lot for cable. What is a lot you ask? Well, over $200 a month. We would switch cable companies often because when the initial sign-up promotions ended we seemed to pay more and more. It was very frustrating.

My husband noticed that at his job, everyone there was dropping cable or satellite and getting YouTube TV, or other cable TV alternatives–Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, Playstation Vue. This was a new world for us. We looked into it and saw that we can get most of the same cable channels that we watched on YouTube TV, including local channels. Having local channels is a must for me because I’m a weather fanatic–living in the midwest I must know when there is a chance of tornadoes!

What was most important to my husband and three boys was sports, of course, and movies. We already had Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video subscriptions on top of our cable bill. So they weren’t missing out on anything by switching, except maybe HBO for Game of Thrones. I was happy that YouTube TV had Bravo, but they didn’t have HGTV or Food Network. surprisingly enough, I haven’t missed HGTV or the Food Network too much. Maybe those networks will notice a drop in viewership and offer their shows on these cable TV alternatives (fingers-crossed). AND, there is a built-in DVR option with YouTube TV with no limit. All my favorite shows are set to “tape” so I can watch them when I want.

We also got an antenna for our TV. Now these new fangled antennae are not like the old, huge rabbit-ear antennae of the old days. These new ones are sleek and minimal and guarantee you to get local channels even if your streaming channel goes down (like YouTube TV did for a moment during a very important World Cup Game).


Just like cable, these cable TV alternatives aren’t perfect, but we have been pretty happy, especially since we are saving so much more each month! Cutting the cord has been WORTH IT. Over $100 a month worth it!