Top 12 Coolest Valentine's Day School Party Games

Top 12 Coolest Valentine’s Day School Party Games

Through the years, I’ve compiled lists of the Coolest Valentine’s Day School Party Games. I decided to make a Top 12 list this year of the most popular games your students will love. From preschool to 6th grade, your kids will have a blast playing these Valentine’s games and you will be crowned The Coolest Party Organizer Ever!!


1. Pin the Lips on Mrs. Valentine

What you will need:

Directions: Download and print file on card stock. Cut out Mrs. Valentine’s lips. On a poster board, draw the head and face for Mrs. Valentine leaving off her mouth. To play the game, place the Mrs. Valentine Poster on the chalk/white board or tape it to a wall. Put tape on the back of each of the lips, enough for each child to take a turn. Have kids line up. First child gets blindfolded and then tries to pin the lips on Mrs. Valentine. Take the blindfold off so the child can see where they pinned Mrs. Valentine’s lips and have the next child go. Continue until everyone has a turn. Be prepared for giggles!

2. Valentine Ring Toss

What you will need:

Directions: To make: Set the cardboard roll or tube on the center of a paper plate and trace around it onto the paper plate with a pencil. Carefully cut out the circle and insert the roll through the hole, adjusting it so that it balances when stood upright. Decorate both the roll and the base to fit your desired Valentines theme. Prepare the rings by cutting the center portions from paper plates to yield 3-6 rings, depending on the number of ring throws you wish per turn. Decorate the rings to match the base. You may choose to make two or three of these games depending on the size of the class so that you can divide them into smaller groups and play more rounds of the game!

To play the game: Divide the children into groups or have the entire class stand in line. Determine the starting line and mark it with a strip of tape on the floor. Set up the ring toss a few feet from the line. Have the children stand behind the line and toss the rings toward the base. The child with the most “ringers” per round wins.

3. DIY Printable Heart Hopscotch Game

What you will need:

  • DIY Printable Heart Hopscotch game PDF file {HERE}
  • Card stock
  • Painter’s tape (to tape squares down to floor)
  • Marker of some kind (plastic lid, bean bag, heart pillow, small stuffed animal)

Directions: Print your DIY Printable Heart Hopscotch sheets {HERE}. You can layout your hopscotch squares however you see fit. Using painter’s tape, tape your squares down to the ground so they stay put. You might even want to laminate your squares. 

To Play: The first player tosses a marker (plastic lid, bean bag, heart pillow, small stuffed animal) unto the first square; it must land within the confines of the square without bouncing out or touching a line. The player then hops through the course, making sure to skip the square with the marker on it. When they get to square 10 they turn around and go back through the course, stopping to bend over on one leg to pick up their marker, then hopping over the square the marker was on and finishing course. Players hop in single squares with one foot (either foot is fine), and use two feet for the side by side squares, one in each square. Upon completion of the hop sequence, the player hands the marker to the next person in line. Players need to be careful when tossing their marker or they could lose a turn. Loss of turn occurs when a player: steps on a line, misses a square with her marker toss or loses balance. If a player loses their turn, they will begin their next turn where they last left off. The first player to finish one full course for each numbered square is the winner — careful not to step on any lines!

4. Draw a Love Bug Dice Game

What you will need:

Directions: Players take turns rolling the dice. The number they roll determines what part of the love bug they can draw. First person to draw a complete love bug wins.


5. Valentine’s Day Wack-a-Doodle MadLip

What you will need:

Directions: Have the children partner up. Hand one partner the Valentine Madlip Printable. Without reading the Madlip, have the first partner ask their partner to tell them a word to fill in the blank. Once the blanks are filled, have the kids read the letter aloud. Giggles are mandatory!

6. Healthy Heart Exercise Game

What you will need:

Directions: Download and print the file on card stock to make your board. Each child takes a turn throwing a small object of your choice onto the board to see what exercise it lands on. They then roll the dice to see how many of the selected exercise they need to do during their turn. Once they have completed their exercise, the next child takes a turn. The kids will never realize that they are exercising. They will just think it is fun! 

7. Gimme Your Heart! Valentine’s Candy Heart Dice Game

What you will need:

Directions: Everyone starts with 4 hearts. Take turns rolling the dice. Follow instructions on game sheet. First person to get 10 hearts wins!

8. Flying Hearts Relay

What you will need:

  • 2 red hearts made out of tissue paper (make extras incase they tear)
  • 2 paper plates

Directions: Cut several 4-5 inch hearts out of tissue paper. Split the kids into two teams. Have the kids line up behind a start line with a tissue paper heart in front of each team. On go, the first person on each team using a paper plate fans their tissue paper heart across the room to the finish line. They then pick up their heart, run back to the front of the line and place the heart in front of the next person. The next person then fans their heart across the room. Keep going until the whole team has gone. The first team to finish wins. 


9. Valentine’s Day Left/Right Game Story

What you will need:

Directions: Wrap several prizes. Have kids sit in a circle. Hand several wrapped prizes to kids in the circle. The leader reads the story. Every time the kids hear LEFT in the story, they pass the prize to the LEFT. Every time they hear RIGHT in the story, they pass the prize to the RIGHT. Whoever is holding a prize when the story finishes, that person gets the prize! Read the story a few more times starting with new kids and new prizes or break the story up into sections.

10. DIY Printable What Kind of Candy Am I?

What you’ll need:

  • 1 per team: What Kind of Candy Am I? Questions PDF Printable {HERE}
  • The leader just needs a copy of the What Kind of Candy Am I? Answers printable
  • Pencils

Directions: Print the What Kind of Candy Am I? printable – one per team. Split your group into 2 teams. Within 5 minutes, see which team can get the most correct answers.

11. Graffiti Wall

Sometimes entertaining older elementary students is hard. I’ve found that taping paper to a blank, large wall and giving them a bunch of markers to draw/write what they want entertains them for a long time! My rule is that it has to be kind, no mean graffiti! For Valentines’s Day you could have them draw or write about something they love (their family, their pet, dancing, sports, etc.) or make it a Kindness Graffiti Wall where they draw/write something kind about someone else.

What you need:

  • Large roll of art/craft paper (I used paper from our teacher’s work room)
  • Scissors
  • Painters tape
  • Markers


1. Cut a large piece of paper from your teacher’s work room or art room.

2. Using your painters tape, tape to a long bare wall. This is usually a two-person job. Place low enough kids can sit or stand to draw.

3. I just scatter the markers around below the paper for them to use.

12. Queen of Hearts Matching Game

What you will need:

  • 2 decks of playing cards
  • Poster board
  • tape
  • Velcro
  • Large bowl or basket


1. Tape one deck of cards to a poster board.  

2. Attach a small piece of velcro to each of the cards in the middle.

3. On another a deck of cards, add the other piece of velcro to make matches and place in a large bowl or basket mixing the cards.

Directions: Have the kids line up behind a start line. On go, the first person runs to the board, picks out a card from the bowl without looking and finds the match on the board. They then run back to the end of the line and the next person goes. The person who gets the Queen of Hearts match wins. You can split the group into two teams and have each team go at the same time. First team to get the Queen of Hearts match wins.