DIY Cash or Gift Card Fortune Cookie Gift

DIY Cash or Gift Card Fortune Cookie Gift

Do you need a creative way to give cash or a gift card? Think outside the envelope and make this adorable DIY Cash or Gift Card Fortune Cookie Gift. Whether it’s for a graduation or a birthday, show that lucky person that “fun and success is in your future” or “a happy birthday will be had!”

What you will need:

  • Tan felt
  • Thread & needle (any color – I used white thread)
  • Scissors
  • A round bowl (mine was 6.5″ round cereal bowl)
  • A pen or pencil
  • A Chinese take-out box (preferably not used!)
  • Chop sticks, candy (Swedish Fish), real fortune cookies (optional)
  • Cash or gift cards
  • Printable Your Fortune Says…


1. Turning a bowl upside-down on your felt, mine was a 6.5 inch round cereal bowl, trace around the lip of the bowl on your tan felt with a pen or a pencil.

2. Cut the circle out of your felt and fold in half.

3. Stitch from the middle of the fold side up to 1/2 – 1 inch and knotting to close stitch.

4. Now turn inside out and puff out sides of your cookie. It should look like a fortune cookie now.

5. With your needle and thread, stitch each side close (I used about 4 small stitches – see picture).

6. Insert your cash or gift card(s) into the top of the fortune cookie.

7. You can print off one of these fortunes and add to your gift. Print this PDF file at home onto card stock then cut out and add to your gift {click on the picture then save to your computer}.

8. Place your fortune-filled fortune cookie into a Chinese food take-out box with any other goodies (chop sticks, Swedish Fish, real fortune cookies, etc).

And you are done!! You will be crowned the best gift-giver ever! Happy gift giving!!