Hodge Podge Ramen

Hodge Podge Ramen

Being home during Quarantine and trying to not go to the store very often makes cooking for my family challenging. My inspiration for this dish came from the Millet and Brown Rice Ramen noodles we have had in our pantry for awhile. I think we got them from Costco. Rummaging through the fridge and freezer, I found my veggies, broccoli and asparagus, my protein, polish sausage and topped it off with edamame from the freezer. What pulls it all together is the bottled Sesame Teriyaki sauce.

I set everything up like a Ramen bar so everyone could pick what all they wanted in their bowl. I roasted the veggies and sausages on two foil-covered sheet pans. Microwaved the frozen edamame. Boiled the ramen noodles then rinsed and drained them. I then threw the noodles into a skillet on low to medium heat with some Sesame Teriyaki sauce. Everyone got a bowl with some noodles then added whatever else they wanted. It was delish!!

Hodge Podge Ramen

Prep Time: 0:5 Cook Time: 0:30 Serves: 4-6



1. Prep your veggies, washing and cutting up to bite-size pieces. On a foil-lined baking sheet, lay your veggies out. Drizzle with olive and sesame oil. Use hands to coat. Sprinkle with garlic and ginger powder.

2. Prep your protein. I used polish sausage. Cut the sausage into bite size pieces. Drizzle with olive and sesame oil. Use hands to coat. Sprinkle with garlic and ginger powder.

3. Roast veggies and sausages for 15-20 minutes at 400 degrees.

4. While veggies are roasting, throw your bag of frozen edamame into the microwave. Follow package instructions. Usually you microwave for about 4 mins. Set aside to cool off.

5. Add your ramen to boiling water, following package instructions. This also takes about 4 minutes. Use a fork while the ramen is cooking to break apart the noodles. When tender, drain and rinse with cold water.

6. Heat up a skillet using low to medium heat. Add your ramen noodles to the skillet with some Sesame Teriyaki sauce stirring to coat.

7. Have everyone dish up some noodles into their bowl, then add the toppings they want. I chose to go loaded…give me all the veggies!!

This is a great way to use up veggies that needed to get eaten. Keep social distancing and stay safe and healthy, my friends!!