Monster Bowling Game

Monster Bowling Game

Monsters love to bowl and so will you kiddos when you make this fun game. Great for a classroom party or an at-home activity! Appropriate for Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st graders (or young-at-heart).

What you will need:


1. To make the Monster bowling pins, download the PDF below (click on image and save to your computer), print, cut-out and tape a monster head onto 6 empty  water or soda plastic bottles.

How to Play:

1. Set-up the bowling pins on one end of the room.

2. Have first child stand back at least 6 feet behind a taped mark on the floor and let him or her roll the pumpkin or ball to try to knock down the pins. Each child gets two turns.

3. Set pins back up and have the next person in line go.

4. Continue until everyone has had a turn.