Playing Dad--Scoring Major Cool Mom Points

Playing Dad–Scoring Major Cool Mom Points

Moms are busy. We are cleaning, watering, doing laundry, driving here and there, cooking, working, blogging, paying bills, watching The Bachelor Pad–oh, I mean the news. We are generally doing, doing, doing. Often I get requests from my sons to do something fun, but unfortunately, they get shot down because something else is  “more important.” I often say dads are the ones that play, while moms are the ones watching the play because they are doing.

Well, I was a dad today. Stoke City FC, a British Premier League football (soccer) club, came to town to play our hometown team, Sporting Kansas City. Tonight they had a training session at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park and the first 250 people who came could watch and get autographs. My oldest came to me and pleaded his case for me to take him. He had all the information for me and was really sweet when he asked. My first thought was to say no. It’s hot, my other son has practice. I have to make dinner, on and on and on–but then I looked at those baby blues and I couldn’t say no.

Like a dad, I said, “Yes.”

I took my son and three of his soccer mates. It was actually exciting and those English players aren’t hard on this mom’s eyes (wink, wink). The boys kept thanking me all evening. My son said, “This was the best day of my life.” Mom’s usually don’t get to do the “best day of my life” stuff with their sons. I’m glad I was apart of this one. Thanks, Stoke City, for letting me play dad for a bit.