DIY Photo Ornament "Stashing Through the Snow"

DIY Photo Ornament “Stashing Through the Snow”

It’s that time of year when I make my photo ornaments! This year I went with the “Stashing Through the Snow” theme. Everyone looks silly and festive with a mustache, right? This ornament was simply and quick. I made 9 for my nephews and bestie’s kids with only minimal hot glue gun burns (lol). Enjoy!!

What you will need:


1. Print your picture at home on a laser printer of the person you want to make the ornament of on computer paper. If you don’t have a laser printer, go to your closest copy store and have them print it for you or copy your picture using a copier. The paper needs to be thin so you can decoupage it onto the round ornament. I’m worried that if you use an inkjet printer, the ink would run when you decoupage it. You want the head of the person to be at least 2″ x 2″.

2. Download the “Stashing Through the Snow” label below. Click on the picture and save to your computer.


3. Cut out the head out of the photo and then cut a “Stashing Through the Snow” label out and set aside.

4. Next, fill your clear ornament with poly-fil and recap.

5. Using your decoupage glue, glue your face and label onto your ornament using a think layer on the bottom then 1-2 layers over the top. I used my fingers to smooth out wrinkles and to get the paper to stick. Remember with decoupaging, you will have wrinkles in your finished product. It is a more wrinkled, vintage look than a smooth, clean look. Let dry at least 30 minutes to an hour.

6. Time for the mustache! Cut your pipe cleaner in half. Using just a half, bend your pipe cleaner to look like a letter “M.” Next, Curve the ends of your mustache into a spiral on either side.

7. Using your hot glue gun, hot glue your mustache to the face on your ornament. 

8. Decorate the top your ornament however you’d like. I hot glued some with pom poms around the top and others I wrapped a pipe cleaner around the top. Ribbon would be cute also.

That’s it! You now have an adorable DIY photo ornament that will bring smiles to you and your loved-ones for many years! Merry, merry!!!

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